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We are the family of the Lewis' at no time are we trying to disregard the other six families of the other 110 people that arrived on the Clotilde. Our goal is to rebuild our community, educate our siblings, and give back to a striving community. We also want to bring to light the struggle of our great ancestor Cudjo Lewis. We can't let them divide us all Lewis' are Lewis' so if you came from Charlie, Cudjo or if you don't that's fine you are still family. This journey is not just for me it is for all 110 human beings that were taken illegally in 1860 from their families and their home that they never seen again. We would like to thank Cudjo for all his sacrifices and for bringing the Lewis family to existence. In closing this is Ms Sweeta Mae grandson Pow Wow! 

Little Ghetto Boy - Donny Hathaway
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